29 September 2014

Designer Debbie Millman Illustrates Her Thoughts On The Fear Of Failure

Previously, we featured Brainpicking’s reproduction of Debbie Millman’s brilliant and inspiring illustrated essay on courage and the creative life.

This time, the artist, branding consultant and host of radio show Design Matters, teams up with Adobe to hand-illustrate her visual essay.

Titled ‘Fail Safe’, from her book Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design, she shared how she wished she didn’t worry so much about failing, if that meant she could pursue her creative passions.

These thoughts were first revealed in Steven Heller’s Design Disasters: Great Designers, Fabulous Failure, and Lessons Learned.

Her relatable narrative will speak to almost everyone who’s afraid of failing and felt that they’ve compromised for security and stability’s sake.

Millman told Fast Company, “One bit of advice I can give people is to remember that anything worthwhile takes a long time.”

And like how her visual essay concludes, one needs to start now, not 20 years later or tomorrow.

Watch the video below for your inspiration fix:

[via Fast Company, images via Adobe, Debbie Millman]