26 November 2013

Photographer Creates Action Figure Of Himself, Mails It To Potential Clients

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To make sure he stands out from the crowd, Swedish photographer Jens Lennartsson has created a “GI Jens” camera-toting action figure of himself.

Lennartsson reasoned that many art directors received at least 100 portfolios a day, and thought that he would be better off making an “epic impression” with this action figure.

These “GI Jens” come in a box, which tout his abilities and assets, ranging from having “a really good camera” to being “loved by nine out of 10 art directors”.

The photographer also thinks that this method of self-promotion serves to embody who he is: “a raw natural lifestyle and travel photographer, without too much gear and Photoshop.”

What do you think—is this a great idea to make yourself known?

[via Peta Pixel, ISO 1200 Photography Magazine and Laughing Squid]