25 November 2013

An Alphabet Designed By 45 Top Creatives Champions Art Education

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As part of their rebranding project, Free Arts NYC—a non-profit organization that provides underserved children and families with art programs—has asked 45 top creatives to each design a letter or symbol in the alphabet, creating a brand new font that would be used in its new branding.

Featuring the work of well-known designers, illustrators, artists and typographers, the line-up for the project includes impressive names like Michael Beirut, Diane Von Furstenberg, George Lois and brands such as Warby Parker.

The resulting font is a wonderfully eclectic mix of artistic styles that reflects the experiences of their creators and serves to show how art has impacted their lives for the good.

This alphabet was then used by agency Red Peak to create an eye-catching, “playful yet elegant” identify for the art-focused charity—Free Arts NYC is set to released a set of merchandise based on this new font.

Watch the video about the “A to Z Project” below or head over to its website to find out more.

[via Free Arts NYC, images via Red Peak]