26 November 2013

Company Creates A Fake Girlfriend For You, With Convincing Proof

Tired of shielding questions on whether you have a girlfriend, when all you want to do is focus on your work? The ‘Invisible Girlfriend’ website creates fake girlfriends for people in a variety of situations, according to their customizations and specifications.

“Our audience might come from a variety of situations: maybe they’re in a same-sex relationship they’re hiding from disapproving relatives, are trying to avoid the unwelcome advances from a coworker, or have chosen to focus on their work instead of romance,” explained creator Matt Homann.

The virtual girlfriend can be selected from an extensive library, and have a customized personality. With a mix of virtual and real-world ‘proof’, no one will doubt that she exists. This includes real text messages, voicemails, gifts, and even a Facebook relationship status.

Users have three price plans to choose from: “Just Talking”, “Getting Serious”, and “Almost Engaged”. Each plan features different ‘benefits’ for the fake relationship, with the most expensive third plan offering “Custom Girlfriend Characterization” and “Live Phone Calls”.

“This is the business of helping [clients] tell a lie—we’re thinking of it more as a shield—to have the excuse ready in hand and not have to be uncomfortable,” Homann said in an interview. “It’s lightweight but credible social proof.”

Would you go this far to pretend you have a girlfriend?

[via Invisible Girlfriend and BuzzFeed]