25 November 2013

A Fun ‘Vending Machine’ That Produces A Quirky Portrait Of You In 3 Minutes

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Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann has created the “Face-O-Mat”, a photo booth-style illustrated portrait “vending machine”—in fact, this “machine” is just a cardboard façade, behind which sits Gutmann, who would draw a quirky minimalist portrait of you in exchange for a small coin donation.

Looking through a hole in the Face-O-Mat, the artist produces each fun portrait in three minutes—after it is done, he feeds the illustration through a slot, accompanied by a printer sound effect to make the experience more amusing.

The Face-O-Mat has traveled from Europe through Africa and Asia, producing over 700 portraits in the process—watch the videos below to see it in action or head over to its website to view more of the portraits it has drawn.

[via Visual News]