26 November 2013

A Spiky Vest Designed To Give You More Personal Space On The Subway

It can get very crowded on the subway during peak hour in bustling Singapore, so industrial designer Siew Ming Cheng came up with an irreverent way to get some personal space during the daily commute.

She created the “Spike Away”, a bright green vest made from the kind of flexible spiky plastic that is normally used to keep animals away from plants in gardens.

This loud fashion statement is Siew’s answer to a piece of homework given out by German furniture designer Werner Aisslinger during a workshop—participants had to create a “Chindogu”, a Japanese term for an “almost useless” invention designed to solve a mundane, everyday problem.

While the Spike Away is unlikely to cause any real bodily damage to one’s fellow commuters, it would probably not make you many friends during the morning rush hour.

Would you dare to wear such a vest on the subway?

[via Fast Co. Exist]