27 November 2013

Whimsical Toilet Paper Origami That Makes Pooping More Fun

Inspired the triangular toilet paper fold hotels and restaurants usually do to make you feel comfortable and special as a guest, US-based Linda Wright takes this hospitality to a new level with her ‘Toilet Paper Origami’.

In her three published books, the step-by-step illustrated guides teach you how to roll your toilet paper into adorable swans, flowers, fans, boats, reindeer and butterflies—without ruining the entire toilet paper roll.

Whimisical yet charming, these toilet paper creations are easy to fold, and can be practised while you’re sitting on the throne.

Would you like to walk into your bathroom to find these delightful origami creations?

‘Toilet Paper Origami’ is retailing on Amazon

[via Toilet Paper Origami and RocketNews24]