25 November 2013

Classic Novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’ Gets Minimalistic Cover Redesign

For Penguin’s ‘Restored Edition’, Barnbrook studio has redesigned the cover of Anthony Burgess’s classic novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Something minimalists would love, the new look of the 1962 novel features just a large bright orange circle as its graphic, and text of the title, author and “restored edition” in ‘Doctrine’ typeface (a typeface created by Barnbrook).

The restored version of the novel includes the original final chapter that was taken out from previous US editions—thus the brief for the cover design was a “typographic brief” to keep with the focus on re-establishing the text, Penguin art director Jim Stoddart told via Creative Review.

Unlike previous editions of its cover, the book’s design was reduced to mere color and shape, inspired by the text.

“The unique angle of this edition is really about the detail of the writing for real fans of the book,” Stoddart added, “and it felt like a lovely idea to use typography to celebrate these details of the text.”

With regards to the simple and purist redesign, Jonathan Barnbrook said: “It felt like it should be something quite bold and uncompromising to stand up against.”

What do you think of this cover redesign for Penguin?

[via Creative Review]