29 November 2013

Creative Dad Colors In His Kids’ Drawings, Makes Surprisingly Awesome Art

Redditor Tatsputin recently uploaded photos of his children’s drawings that he has helped to color in—the responses to these collaborative artworks have been overwhelming and positive.

The father of two has to fly out of state to work for 10 days in a month—to help him pass the time on the 3-hour flight, he asked his children to pass him their drawings, which he would then color in when he is on the airplane.

The unsophisticated but imaginative doodles are transformed by the creative dad’s skilful use of color pencils and shading techniques into surprisingly impressive artworks.

He has also experimented with coloring the drawings on his iPad—view the results here.

Isn’t this a fun, creative way for a parent to interact and collaborate with his children?

[via Reddit]