29 November 2013

Photographs Of Candid Moments In Subways Around The World

Photographer Stan Raucher takes pictures while riding subways in different cities around the world, making up a poignant series titled “Metro”. He has since photographed more than a dozen cities on four continents.

“I felt like a citizen of the world as I observed the diversity of passengers reading newspapers in many different languages,” he said about his first experience riding the subway in New York after moving there from Minnesota.

Raucher is intrigued by people going about their lives, and his photographs capture tender moments amid the daily grind. Although he uses an SLR camera in plain view, he says that people rarely take notice.

“Glimpses of the human condition emerge as individuals interact with one another and their surroundings. An expressive gesture, a telling glance, a concealed mood or hidden emotion may suddenly materialize and then vanish in a split-second,” he said.

[via Slate and Stan Raucher]