27 November 2013

‘Gangsta’ Grandparents Decked Out In Streetwear

Linda Dajana Krüger aka Dai Lyn Power sought out the coolest grandparents in town for her photo series, ‘Our Generation’. Her subjects aren’t from our generation, but they sure look cooler than we may ever be.

The elderly Germans, most likely octogenarians, rock out in iconic streetwear favored by some of the young adults of today. The seniors not only trump the kids with their ‘swagger’, but also show them how silly they sometimes look as walking streetwear advertisements.

Decked in snapback caps, HUF weed-patterned T-shirts, beanies, metallic backpacks and lots of gold bling, the grandparents show us how age is a state of mind.

[via Dai Lyn Power]