29 November 2013

Supersized Heroes: How Superheroes Would Look If They Got Fat On French Fries

The festive season is coming up really soon, and most of us are looking forward to eating a lot of good food—but not so much the extra weight we would be putting on.

So, have you ever imagined how the superheroes would look if they give in to temptation and let themselves go by binging on fast food? Funny new website “Supersized Heroes” has the answer.

Created by Pure Blue for Desirable Body to illustrate the ills of junk food, this fun one-off site lets you feed your favorite superhero—be it Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor or Iron Man—with literally a storm of french fries.

With each wave of unhealthy chips, the superhero would get fatter and fatter—eventually, he would get too big for his body-tight costume, which is no longer capable of keeping his bulging belly under wraps.

You can download wallpapers of these supersized superheroes over here.

[via Fast Co. Design]