26 November 2013

‘Yin Yang Tub’ Lets Couples Enjoy A Sensual Bath Without Sharing Bath Water

Want to share a tub with your lover, but enjoy a clean bath at the same time? The German-designed ‘Yin Yang Tub’ lets you enjoy a sensual bath together, but without sharing the same bath water.

The tub features two separate compartments shaped like the two curves of a ‘yin yang’ symbol, allowing couples to lie beside each other like two peas in a pod.

The couple tub also has atmospheric lights, adjustable water temperature, and automated massage bubbles to enhance the romantic ambience. Loudspeakers are fitted inside the tub so that users can feel sound vibrations while enjoying the music.

The innovative tub doesn’t come cheap—you can own one for US$56,000.

[via If It’s Hip, It’s Here and Trautwein]