29 November 2013

Unromantic Yet Intimate: X-Ray Portraits Of Couples

Instead of the typical cookie-cutter-like romantic photographs of couples together, Ayoako Kanda and Mayuka Hayashi decided to take on a darker and scientific approach when capturing portraits of couples.

Using a CT scan and X-ray machine, the duo captured four couples and created images that are something you’d find in a radiography clinic.

Though not all warm and fuzzy, the pictures are yet intimate in their own way when carefully observed—demonstrating the affectionate side of the couples, without the distraction of flesh and background ‘noise’.

Kanda’s and Hayashi’s ‘X-ray Portraits of Couples’ channel the notion that love is not just a feeling—it’s about the science of complex chemical reactions in the brain, transferred into actions, through the human body.

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[via Spoon & Tamago]