28 November 2013

A Holiday Ad Campaign That Urges You To Stop The Festive Fakery

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Canada-based advertising agency TAXI has created a integrated campaign for Boston Pizza, and it urges consumers to Stop The Festive Fakery.

In a series of animation videos posted by Boston Pizza, they unravel the common reactions usually seen (or pictured in your head) when you receive a gift that sometimes, you just do not have the right words or reaction to.

There are five videos in total, and they feature common awkward moments from holiday gift-receiving, such as “The Lost For Words”, "The Hugger", "The Receipt Seeker", "The Highnote", "The Cat", and "The Eyewitness".

Watch some of the spots below. To view the rest, visit Festive Fakery.

“The Cat”

"The Highnote"

"The Eyewitness"

[via Festive Fakery]