27 November 2013

Marge Simpson Dresses Up As Audrey Hepburn And Other Notable Women

As Kate Moss for Playboy January 2014

Who says Marge Simpson is just a TV Mom? The famous Simpson matriarch undergoes a series of makeovers in the hands of illustrator AleXsandro Palombo, assuming the outfits and poses of some famous, fashionable women.

Marge cuts an elegant figure in Audrey Hepburn’s classic dress and long gloves, does prim and chic in Coco Chanel’s tweed dress suit, goes brazen in Kate Moss’ black bunny suit for Playboy, and even bares all in emulation of Nastassja Kinski’s famous nude photoshoot with a serpent.

What would Homer think?

As Marilyn Monroe

As Stephanie Seymour

As Audrey Hepburn

As Coco Chanel

As Jackie O

As Nastassja Kinski

As Madonna

As Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione

In Mondrian by Yves Saint Laurent

[via Fast Company]