29 November 2013

Filmmakers Recreate Famous Painter’s Works, Apply To Art School

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Although the work of Kazimir Malevich now sells for millions, it is almost hard to believe that he was rejected by two art academies.

To see if he was rejected by “art snobs”, two filmmakers decided to conduct an experiment by tracing the artist’s famous paintings on a lightbox, creating a pseudonym—an anagram of the painter’s name—and using these works to apply to two art schools.

It is strange that the art professors of these schools could not tell that these works were copied—perhaps they were giving this “candidate” the benefit of the doubt.

After answering some questions, the fake student was rejected by both art schools, and thus helped filmmakers “prove” that great art is not always recognized by the “snobbery” of academia.

However, this creative experiment is controversial in nature and many people have stated that these works did not make it as they are derivative. Some have also cited the student's inability to justify his work as another cause.

What do you think—is this experiment a success, or is there a better way to prove that the arbiters of taste cannot appreciate “good” art?

[via We The Urban]