27 November 2013

Identity Gets Unique With Elegantly Designed Business Cards

Crafting a personal visual identity can be an especially nerve-wracking process for creatives, as their work should truly embody their personality.

A creative’s business card has got to be distinct and unique from the masses, so getting it to look and feel right is important.

This is where MOO comes in.

MOO is an online printing company that provides a wide variety of customizable business cards for every single need, for professionals in every industry. They also offer Printfinity, unique technology which lets you have a different image on every card in a pack – perfect for keeping your product portfolio with you wherever you are.


It is no surprise that the Luxe Business Card stands out—this meticulously made heavyweight shows the time and effort the company put into designing this card.

Using a paper by Mohawk Superfine, a top manufacturer situated in New York, MOO has managed to sandwich two pieces of paper in the business card—which help create a distinct line when viewed amid a stack of otherwise ordinary business cards. Unlike these regular cards, MOO’s Luxe Cards are also thrice as thick, making them more durable as well.

The Luxe Project also showcases designs for these business cards designed by renowned creatives like Michael Osborne, and Katie Barcelona, with proceeds from these designs going to the designer’s charity of their choice.


For those who prefer something that doesn’t take up as much space, MOO also offers Luxe MiniCards, which are half the size but are just as intriguing as their Luxe Business Cards. For example, the company Cupcakes For Clara has made her MiniCards look like a scratch card, making this fun for the recipient to guess what was hidden beneath the orange zone.

Using Printfinity, photographers and graphic designers can showcase every aspect of their portfolio, like Simon Warren has done below:


To complete the collection, there are the Luxe Notecards—an excellent finishing touch to your stationery set especially if your handwriting adorns it. Everyone’s handwriting is different, and having it complement a MOO Notecard will make it even more memorable.

Handwritten notes are also likely to be kept and re-read, ensuring people remember you and what you do.

Technology has also inspired MOO to come up with quirky ideas, bringing us business cards which resemble our Facebook timeline or printing QR-codes on business cards so that a creative’s website can be accessed straight away on a smartphone, and thus grabbing the attention of a client.

There are so many options to choose from at MOO, with endless possibilities and various changes that creatives can make while designing their own business and notecards—unique, quality products truly help a creative’s work come alive. Want to try it? MOO is offering 10% off all printed products until 30th November (all you pay is shipping) here.

This article is sponsored by MOO.