28 November 2013

The Twelve Classic DJ Poses You'll See In A Club, Illustrated

The Bobber

Online dance music website Mixmag has created and written a humorous piece titled ‘DJ Poses’, and it is a handy informative guide to deciphering what kind of pose expert your regular club’s resident DJ is.

Featuring stereotypical DJ poses such as ‘the txter’, ‘the bobber’, ‘the artist’, ‘the pointer and more, this guide explains how the different poses reflect the different kinds of personalities that take the stage.

Check them out below:

The Txter

The Cry-baby

The Finger Piano-player

The Orgasmatron

The Libido

The Lean-back

The Down-low

The Cowboy

The Jesus

The Artist

The Pointer

[via Mixmag]