25 November 2013

Artist Blends Painted Models Into Graffiti, Turning Them Into 2D Street Art

Artist Alexa Meade is known for her amazing 3D-to-2D artworks that transform her very much alive subjects into flat, two-dimensional paintings.

In one of her more intriguing projects, she painted models with black and white paint, turning them into convincing stencils of themselves, before inserting them into graffiti backgrounds.

By combining her immense talent for painting on the human canvas and skilful photography, she manages to create images where her subjects blend seamlessly into the graffiti murals, looking just like the stenciled characters commonly found in street art.

Showing us how our eyes can deceive us, this project would make for a perfect scary prank where unlikely objects come to life—view more photographs of it below.

[via My Modern Met]