29 May 2014

A Finger Painter Who Creates Gorgeous Paintings In Under Three Minutes

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Image by Fabian Gaete

Based in Chile, finger painter Fabian Gaete creates each of his masterpieces in under three minutes.

The 43-year-old works along the streets of Puerto Montt, and is armed with oil paints and glass panels. Once he gets an order, Gaete fills up the canvas quickly with mountains, waterfalls and trees before sealing it with glass and handing it over. His paintings are €6 each, although he sells three for €10.

Gaete shot to fame when two Russian tourists posted a video of him painting on YouTube—since then, the artist has been getting even more commissions.

In this video, we see how Gaete comes up with each painting—he first paints the elements in the background before painting the foreground and adding in the details. When he finishes, he adds his signature and cleans the work of art.

The painter has also been to 20 countries in the past 20 years, staging “finger painting shows” around the world. He has also embarked on a project called “Arte100Cia”, in which he teaches his techniques to children.

Watch this talented man at work below.

Image by Orbita10

Image by Orbita10

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