29 May 2014

Google Launches Driverless, Fully Automated Car With No Steering Wheel Or Brakes

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After testing out its self-driving system of special sensors and cameras on Toyota Priuses and Lexus models, Google has just launched the first prototype for its ground-breaking driverless, fully automated car that does not require any human input at all to operate.

In fact, this self-driving vehicle does not even have a steering wheel, mirrors, accelerator pad or brake pedal—everything would be taken care of by Google’s innovative software and sensors. With it, users could get from point A to point B at “a push of a button”.

A product of the Google X labs, the car runs on electricity and could go for 100 miles before it needs to be charged. Currently, it reaches a top speed of just 25 mph—its minimalist interior features two seats, a small storage space, a screen to inform its passengers of where it is going and buttons to stop and start.

Google hopes that by next year, 100 of these self-driving two-seaters would be on public roads—these first hundred prototypes would be built in Detroit by undisclosed automobile companies.

Read more about Google’s Self-Driving Car on its official blog—would you like to ride in such a car, and what do you think of how it looks?

[via Market Watch, Google’s Official Blog]