29 May 2014

A Subscription Service Concept For Creatives That Sends Out Boxes Of Inspiration

Baltimore-based graphic designer Maria Theron has created a subscription service concept for creatives that would send boxes filled with inspiring objects to their doorsteps every quarter.

A soon-to-graduate student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has created a full suite of materials for the CreativeBox, which is described as “a subscription based service for creative people” that aims to “inspire creatives and get the creative community moving”.

Subscribers would have to fill out a profile where they would specify their likes and creative processes—they would then receive a customized box once every three months that contain five to seven items, which may include inspirational posters, design objects, small books and more.

The CreativeBox has a strikingly colourful yet refined packaging—the boxes come in four bright shades and is marked by a simple geometric logo.

Theron has not only made mock-ups of how the boxes would look like and what they would contain, but has also built a website for the brand.

View more images of the CreativeBox here—would you like to see this subscription service become a reality?

[via Packing of the World]