30 May 2014

Artists Share Techniques And Approaches On How To Improve Nature Drawings

Johanna Basford

Digital Arts writer Lisa Hassell has compiled an article where ten illustrators revealed techniques and approaches for producing beautiful and delicate nature drawings.

The tips offered by the artists range from the types of tool they prefer, the planning process, to the little tricks they utilize in their artwork.

UK-based illustrator Johanna Basford feels that the best way to capture organic shapes and forms is to draw by hand, then digitize in the final stages.

New York-based Korean illustrator Hye Jin Chung often adds textures so that the outcome looks more painterly and handmade.

Noel Pugh, a UK-based illustrator advises to always draw from life in order to study the angles and better understand its structure.

For full details and more tips, read the article over at DigitalArts.

Check out the works of some of the artists below:

Hye Jin Chung

Noel Pugh

Malin Rosenqvist

Katie Scott

Nick White

Kristjana S.Willams

Astrid Yskout

[via DigitalArts]