29 May 2014

Beer Cooler Keeps Your Six-Pack Underground, Chills It Without Electricity

Believing that there is a more eco-friendly way to enjoy a nice chilled beer, Danish start-up eCool has created a beer cooler that does not require any electricity at all to work—instead, it simply buries your six-pack in the ground to keep it cool.

Featuring a built-in hand crank, the eCool stores up to 24 cans of beer and can keep them cool all year round—the rather compact cooler is mostly concealed in the earth and can be installed in any place with soil, like a garden or a terrace.

The well-insulated top of the eCool that sticks out of the ground ensures that the same temperature is maintained throughout the container—while it is designed for beer, it would work equally well for soft drinks and juices.

Working best for people living in cold countries, this cooler may not produce ice-cold beer but it would still keep your drink pleasingly cool.

The eCool is retailing for US$349 on the company’s website.

[via PSFK]