30 May 2014

Photographer Captures Portraits Of Asexual People

Amy, 19, Brighton, United Kingdom. Asexual, Grey-romantic

We previously featured these portraits of youths who identify as neither male or female.

Barcelona-based photographer Laia Abril has a similar on-going series that depicts asexuals, or people who “feel no sexual attraction to others.”

They are often ostracized and discriminated as their lack of orientation is perceived as unhealthy or lacking.

Through her project, Abril aims to give a voice to this misunderstood group and to “create a visual-creative-informative platform that encourages engagement.”

If you are asexual and would like be part of the project, you can contact Abril here or through her Facebook page.

Check out some photographs below and find out more about the subjects here.

Alex, 24, Bologna, Italy. Asexual, Aromantic

Michael, 30, London, United Kingdom. Asexual, Aromantic

Lea, 26, Roma, Italy. Asexual, Grey-romantic

Yuzi, 25, Hunan, China. Asexual, Grey-romantic

Mark, 45, London, United Kingdom. Asexual, Aromantic

Michele, 20, Campania, Italy. Asexual, Demi-romantic

[via Boing Boing and CNN, images via Asexuals Project]