29 May 2014

An Ultra-Bling 24K Gold Bicycle That Costs US$1 Million

Sometimes, it takes a lot of bling to make a statement—and that is probably what The House of Solid Gold was trying to achieve when they made their 24K Gold Extreme Mountain Bike.

Apparently, this handcrafted bicycle that has been overlaid with pure 24K gold is “the most expensive extreme mountain bike in the world”—in addition to the gold, it also feature a emblem bearing the logo of The House of Solid Gold, which is “encrusted with over 600 Black Diamonds (6.0 carats in total) and 500 Golden Sapphires (4.5 carats in total)”.

Other luxurious details include a customized seat covered in “the finest chocolate brown alligator” and a one-of-a-kind water bottle that is covered in gold and “accented with chocolate brown stingray”.

Only 13 of these outrageously extravagant bicycles would be made, and each one would be retailing for US$1,000,000,000.

View more images of it here—would you buy it, if you have the money?

[via If It’s Hip, It’s Here]