31 May 2014

Juice Brand Honors Hard Work Of 'Sperm Collectors' and 'Pet Food Tasters'

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In Buenos Aires, Argentina, advertising agency McCann has taken a leaf out of the popular Discovery Channel TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’ to create ads for juice brand RAAW.

Featuring two of what may be the world’s worst jobs in different spots, ‘Sperm Collector’ and ‘Pet Food Taster’, shows the hardworking people do these jobs that no one else wants.

RAAW is a brand of fruit and vegetable juice that wants to recognize these people for their work, by providing them the best quality of life possible.

Watch the two ads below:

RAAW Sperm collector from Diego Livachoff on Vimeo.

RAAW Pet food taster from Diego Livachoff on Vimeo.

[via Adeevee]