30 May 2014

Artist Sketches Quirky Birds With Interesting Characteristics

Hungarian graphic designer and illustrator Orbán János has an interesting collection of sketches featuring unusual looking birds.

The birds are inspired by actual animals but János changed their physical appearances by adding unique features.

He also renamed the birds and gave them interesting and exaggerated character descriptions.

For example, there is the ‘Brainsucker Hummingbird’ which is the “most wicked bird on Earth” and a ‘Suggesting bird’ who can “force its will on anyone”.

Check out the quirky illustrations below:

Left: Brainsucker hummingbird ( the most wicked bird on Earth) Right: Wolly Hen from South-Eastern Asia (It's weight can reach 70 kilogramms)

Left: African Constork (It specializes in saving frogs) Right: Sirian Fork-tailed Pigeon (fearful hunter, capable of standing still for days, while waiting for an unsuspecting prey)

Right: Swiss Multifunction Bird (Capable of singing, fishing and hunting)

Left: Suggesting bird (It can force its will on anyone) Right: Wide-footed sowing-rook (The distance between it's two feet is exactly one row)

Left: Supine Bird (incapable of flying, its wing are vestigial. It pushes and pulls itself with the help of its feet)

Right: Eggliving Shrike (It spends its life inside an eggshell that protects it from the wind and rain, because it is very sensitive to these)

[via Inspirationhut, images from Orbán János]