29 May 2014

Life-Like, Teary-Eyed Dolls Tell Stories Of Fallen Humanity And Social Issues

Russian-Canadian figurative artist Marina Bychkova has turned her artwork into a luxury toy label of hand sculpted porcelain dolls named “Enchanted Doll”.

Unlike regular toys, these ball-jointed dolls are made not for play but as a medium for the artist to translate her thoughts of fallen humanity and social issues.

Each doll is accessorized with handmade jewelry, precious gemstones and rare found objects—although elegantly fashioned, their teary eyes tell a sad story.

Tribute dolls are also made in honor to women who are suffering from breast cancer and her response to “the politics of fetal rights”.

She also reinterprets famous fairy tales "exploring the issue of stockholm syndrome, necrophilia and hemophilia".

Find more pictures of the artist's dolls here .

[via Beautiful Bizarre]