29 May 2014

Adorable Disabled Baby Goat Gets A Tiny Wheelchair To Help It Walk

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Last week, we brought you a story about the heartwarming friendship between a bear, lion and tiger.

This week’s story about Frostie, an adorable disabled baby goat that has a tiny wheelchair to help it get around, will warm the cockles of your heart.

He was born with a severe case of joint navel ill which rendered his hind legs useless, and has been unable to walk ever since.

The staff at Edgar’s Mission farm animal sanctuary in Australia fitted him with a two wheel cart to help him fight the disease.

The cart was a gift from Leon Trotsky, a piglet who previously used it while he was recovering from a crushed pelvis.

After receiving his new set of wheels, the fluffy snow white critter immediately perked up, bleating happily and wagging his tail–a truly heartwarming sight for all who witnessed it.

Watch a video below of Frostie frolicking in delight and view more pictures of him after.

[via Bored Panda, The Huffington Post and Modern Farmer, video via Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, images via Edgar’s Mission]