28 May 2014

Google’s Logo Gets Imperceptible Tweak That Improves Its Kerning

Google’s new and improved logo

The regular person who uses the internet a fair bit would probably see the Google logo quite a number of times each day—but few of us looking at it today would notice that it looks ever so slightly different from how it did two days ago.

Yet, a Redditor with razor-sharp eyes has managed to discover that Google has moved “the ‘g’ left one pixel and the ‘l’ down and left one pixel on their logo”. The change is so subtle that it would be near impossible to discern it without the helpful before-and-after GIF image shown here.

According to Gizmodo, this tiny alteration in kerning “actually makes a pretty huge difference”—design lovers should be pleased with it, considering that they are probably enraged with how the ‘l’ and ‘e’ in the logo did not quite line up in the previous version.

So, this should be a good day for everyone who cares about getting the spacing between letters just right.

[via Gizmodo, Reddit]