29 May 2014

The Evolving Looks Of Famous Cartoon Characters

Pinocchio in 1911 and 1940, image on the left by Collodi; image on the right by Disney

Buzzfeed has put together a series of the makeovers famous cartoon characters have gone through.

The team juxtaposed the character’s first incarnation alongside its present one, letting us examine the dramatic changes that were made.

Many of these original illustrations have been altered to suit the creator’s purpose—for example, Pinnochio was made to look more child-like, while the large eyes of the current characters from My Little Pony were drawn in such a way to appeal to children. Other characters were also made into 3D versions, showing how technology has progressed.

Check out some of our favorites below, or head on over to Buzzfeed for the full story.

Snoopy in 1950 VS Snoopy today, images by United Feature Syndicate

My Little Pony in 1984 and now, images by Hasbro

Shrek in 1990 and 2001, image on the left by Farrar, Straus and Giroux; image on the right by Dreamworks

Mickey Mouse in 1928 and today, images by Disney

Garfield in 1987 and now, images by United Feature Syndicate

[via Buzzfeed]