8 September 2014

Off-Grid ‘Eco Pods’ That Can Be Joined Together To Form Bigger Homes

UK-based firm Echo has designed ‘Eco Pods’, a modular unit that has multiple purposes.

Each Eco Pod measures at nine-square-meters and can be a standalone building or combined with other Eco Pods to become a much bigger space for an office, garden room or holiday home.

A special trait that comes along with an Eco Pod is its ability to be completely off-grid, which means the user is responsible for the power, water, and sewage disposal in the home.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of each pod, which supplies the necessary heating and lighting. Electricity is stored in a battery bank which can last for five days.

To reduce environmental impact, the Eco Pod is placed on adjustable legs that touch the ground lightly and can even be situated on uneven land.

An Eco Pod costs US$16,479 each.

Check out the creative mini home below:

[via Gizmag, images from Echo]