29 January 2015

Artist’s Massive Crowdsourced Snapshot Of The Internet Is Now In Full Color

Last year, artist Benjamin Redford decided that he would try to draw the entire internet—he took the project, titled “Internetopia”, onto Kickstarter to make it “one of the largest crowdsourced drawings ever”.

Pledgers are able to purchase one square on the drawing for US$1, and make a request for what is to be drawn on that space—the more squares one buys, the bigger his or her custom illustration would be.

After successfully funding the project, he first unveiled a black and white sketch, before spending the next three months coloring it in—yesterday, he unveiled the final, fully colored masterpiece.

According to The Creators Project, you would be able to spot “a total of seven Where's Waldos, three penises, the number 42, and animals in all forms doing all kinds of wacky activities” in this vibrant snapshot of the internet that is filled with lots of fantastic details.

Check out more images of “Internetopia” here—you can purchase one of the 500 signed and numbered prints of this artwork here.

[via The Creators Project]