28 January 2015

Creative Jobseeker Sends Out Brilliant Scratch-Off Business Cards As His Resume

Instead of sending copies of his resume and portfolio to prospective employers, jobseeker Jamie Kyle took a “gamble” and sent them hand-made business cards that reveal his contact details when its silver foil is scratched away.

Despite having graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in the UK nearly five years ago, the 27-year-old was still struggling to secure a full-time job in the creative field.

Kyle, an avid fan of scratch cards, wrote on his blog, “Interaction is always a strong tool to grab one’s attention, even more so if it shows initiative.”

He experimented with different paper weights and paints for about two months before perfecting his scratch-off cards, which were then sent to 52 companies.

What do you think of his creative scratch card idea?

Take a look at Kyle’s scratch-off cards below, and head here to read about how he created them.

[via Elite Daily, images via Jamie Kyle]