28 January 2015

For Designers,10 Useful Time-Saving Templates To Create Brilliant New Designs

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With countless design briefs to handle, and so little time on hands, we have rounded up 10 useful templates to help designers save time, while bringing their design ideas to life.

Whether you are a freelance designer or working with an agency, these multi-purpose templates would help develop creative ideas for building up a website, create contract agreements, and create eye-catching visual branding.

1. Customize, Sign, And Send Legal Contracts

Shake’ is a technology platform that consists of a library of legal agreements and contract templates from freelance hiring agreements, to image release templates that can be easily customized, signed and sent via your mobile devices.

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2. Use Drag-N-Drop Tools To Build Wireframes

Now you don’t have to spend extra money to build your site’s wireframes. The ‘Armature’ comes with a library of tools that let you quickly set up a website by using its drag-and-drop function. There are even complete layouts available for immediate use.

3. Convert PDF Files Into Animated Publications

Spruce up your digital catalogs with the ‘Flip PDF’ that works on both Windows and Mac. The application will instantly convert your static PDF files into interactive publications filled with animated page-flipping effects, which can also be viewed on any mobile phone devices.

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4. Create Beautiful Emails Within Minutes

This email builder by Campaign Monitor comes with a flexible range of layouts to create beautiful emails within minutes. The website automatically resize images, typography and spacer tool for pixel perfect layouts viewed on both desktop and mobile.

5. Build Responsive Web Interface Across All Devices

Whether you are building a new website, or refreshing an old one, these 10 gorgeous Bootstrap templates from Bootstraptor will create responsive designs that would function on any device that your users may be using to view your content. The templates include business templates, multi-pages templates, and pricing table templates.

6. Create Invoices, Business Proposals Effortlessly

Drafting invoices, proposals, business letters and product brochures can take up precious time that could be better spent on producing quality designs. These printable business templates from DesignShock will let you choose from different styles and color variations to create proposals that are unique to your brand’s identity.

7. Develop Unique Corporate Branding Stationery Set

For both commercial and personal use, these branding mock-ups by Santiago Moreno are great for creating your brand’s unique identity that would work great on paper stationary, the iPhone and the iPad Mini.

8. Find Out The Rates You Should Set For Your Services

Never be paid less than what you are worth again with ‘The Designer’s Pricing Class’—an online business course that seeks to teach designers the basics of business by co-founders of nuSchool. It comprises of practical video tutorials, online tools, templates and worksheets.

9. Fun Retro Designs For Your Party Invites

Add a dose of fun retro style into your designs from Cruizine Design. Choose from 20 different templates for your flyers, business cards, and invitations that will suit the theme of your party.

10. Put Together A Stunning Brand Book In Just A Few Hours

Brand book’ by ZippyPixels is an all-in-one book to showcase your brand’s identity—it offers 10 simple layouts and customizable functions that will display your brand guidelines, covering topics from logos, brand typography, to advertising designs.

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