28 January 2015

Brilliant One-Button Remote Lets You Use Your Phone When It’s Out Of Reach

After two successful projects, California-based company QBlinks has hit jackpot with its latest project, “Qmote”, a single button smart remote for your smartphone—with more than a month to go on its Kickstarter campaign, it has already achieved almost double of its initial funding goal.

Although the Qmote only has one button, users would be able to use predefined click patterns to perform a variety of actions on their smartphones—designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, this simple but brilliant remote would allow you to access your phone’s functions even when it is out of reach.

For instance, you can use Qmote to switch off the alarm on your phone from a distance, start navigation while driving, take photographs, control your music and even summon Siri—its IFTTT integration also means that you can use it to control other smart home devices, such as your smart TV, computer and Hue lighting.

Head over here to learn more about what it can do—the Qmote is priced at US$15 and would ship in May 2015.

[via MobileSyrup, images via Qmote’s Kickstarter page]