29 January 2015

Smart Redesign Concept Of The Health Insurance Card Functions Like An iPhone

For Body Week, Fast Co. Design got New York-based innovation design firm Smart Design to redesign one thing that would improve the health care industry.

They chose to work on coming up with a design concept for the flimsy health insurance card, making it more patient-friendly, and improving the tangible connection users have with their healthcare provider.

Dubbed as the “iPhone of insurance cards”, the smart insurance card would be designed to feel like an American Express Platinum Card—made of steel, silver, and gold, so that you could quickly tell the card apart from the others during an emergency.

Senior brand strategist Jamie Nicholson of Smart Design told Fast Co.Design that the card will be kept minimalist, with only the patient’s name and membership number printed on it. Every other medical detail and history of the patient will be accessible in the cloud, when the health care provider taps the card against a reader.

The card also comes with an app that would allow patients to track their billing and medical history at their convenience.

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[via Fast Co. Design]