28 January 2015

Miracle Cat ‘Rises’ From Dead, Claws Its Way Out Of Its Grave

Miracle cat Bart cheats death by crawling its way back to life five days after it was buried alive.

After being hit by a car, Bart's owner Ellis Huston and their vet was certain that it was dead, its body had appeared to be lifeless, so it was buried.

To her surprise, the cat was seen in the neighbors yard five days later, with wounds on his face, a broken jaw and a damaged eye—The Human Society of Tampa Bay released a statement to ABC explaining that “he had dug himself of the grave and slowly made his way back home”.

The Human Society of Tampa Bay will be nursing Bart back to health, as Ellis couldn’t afford all the medical treatment that it needs. He is on his way to recovery and is expected to return home soon.

[via Distractify, 7online, images via The Human Society of Tampa Bay]