29 January 2015

In Japan, Cute Hairband Lets You Wear A Playful ‘Kitten’ On Your Head

Japanese designer Campanella has created a cute kitty-shaped hair accessory.

Unlike the cat ear-shaped hairbands, or the cat ear headphones, which only feature cat ears, this headgear includes an entire figure of a kitten perched atop your head.

The kitten looks very life-like, with a playful expression and posture that looks like it is trying to keep its balance.

Sadly, the hairband doesn’t seem to be available in stores, but cat lovers and fans are hoping that she will show up with these hairbands for sale at the Design Festa, happening on 16 and 17 May 2015 at Tokyo’s Big Sight.

[via Rocket News 24, images via Hiyorimi Museum, Neko Memo]