30 January 2015

Slip Your Phone Into This Leather Sleeve To Charge It Wirelessly

Even with the slimmest of battery power banks, they are still a hassle to carry around, especially when you need USB cords to use them.

To let you refresh your phone’s battery more conveniently while on the go, startup Novelsys has created the Ampere, a genuine leather sleeve that lets you charge your phone wirelessly.

In addition to this wireless charging function, the Ampere comes with a USB port, which is four times faster than standard USB laptop output, for when you need a “superfast boost”.

This extremely compact portable charger also comes with an app that includes “the world’s first automated charging system” so you will never forget to charge your phone again.

Find out more about the Ampere on its Kickstarter page—it is currently priced from US$75.

[via Kickstarter]