29 January 2015

In New York City, A Storefront That Is Entirely Shrink-Wrapped In White Plastic

Brooklyn-based studio SO-IL has covered the entire exterior of the Storefront gallery in New York City with tight white plastic film, which creates a “vacuum-packed appearance”.

The installation is titled “Blueprint”, and is part of an exhibition with the same name at the Storefront for Art and Architecture space in Soho.

Using “moth-balling”, a technique to “put things away”, this visually striking installation seeks to “reevaluate the original intent of the architecture of Storefront”—the shopfront, when uncovered, features large geometric panels that “pivot from the facade”.

At night, the lights from within shines through the translucent film and create an interesting pattern of light and shadow.

Blueprint would be on display until 21 March 2015—view more images of it here.

[via Dezeen]