30 January 2015

This Ad Shows That It’s The End Of The World When Your Phone Dies

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Do you feel like it’s the end of the world when your phone runs out of battery?

Mobile battery case brand Mophie understands that feeling.

Making its first ad foray into the Super Bowl, the spot shows how the world is thrown into disarray when your phone dies—dogs walk humans, fish drop from the sky and gravity stops working among other apocalyptic occurrences.

Chief creative officer of Deutsch North America, Pete Favat, said, “When your phone loses power, you lose power. We’ve all had that feeling of vulnerability where all bets are off and the predictability of your day becomes chaos. For us, that might mean missing important meetings, getting lost while traveling or being unable to make that one important phone call. For the most powerful being in the universe, losing power truly means losing power.”

Check out the ad below:

[via Adweek, images via Mophie]