29 January 2015

Awesome Drawings Of ‘The Force Awakens’ By Licensed ‘Star Wars’ Artist

Robert Bailey is an officially licensed artist for Star Wars and Disney—recently, he got Star Wars fans really excited by posting several sketches of the new X-Wings from the upcoming The Force Awakens onto his Facebook page.

In a short interview with Star Wars 7 News, he stated that “these are not concept sketches for the new movie”—instead, he was creating them directly for George Lucas, who “wanted to review them for large oil canvases which [he] later did for his private art collection”.

He also said that these sketches are based on what could be seen on the movie trailer alone—while nothing in them is classified information, these awesome drawings are still a great preview of what is to come in the new Star Wars film.

You should keep an eye on Bailey’s Facebook page because he may be posting more of these sketches.

[via Star Wars 7 News]