30 January 2015

Beautiful Street Typography Found On Street Signs, Phone Boxes Of Major Cities

St. Jansbrug, Amsterdam

Image via David Quay

It is no big secret that the apt use of typeface design can easily influence the aesthetics of products, or even places.

With that in mind, The Guardian has recently asked their readers to submit photographs of their favorite fonts featured in their cities’ infrastructures, such as street signs, telephone boxes, and bridges, producing a wonderful collection of classic and modern letterings.

Head here to view the full post—do you have any favorite signs yourself?

Hove Museum, UK

Image via Foomandoonian

Narbonne, France

Image via Brucesspace

Leeds Station, UK

Image via Simon Bleasdale

Nafplio, Greece

Image via ID8930900

Edgware Road Tube Station, London

Image via caminoamigo

[via The Guardian]