29 January 2015

Designer Creates An Imaginative Concept Of Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’

Apple’s latest phones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, was just released late last year, but a designer has already envisioned what the future “iPhone 7” might look like.

In the concept images created by designer Yasser Farahi, the “iPhone 7” has a thinner body, a sapphire display, and an extra speaker that lets you enjoy a stereo sound experience when you watch movies and play music.

The “iPhone 7” can be charged wirelessly, just like Android phones, and it comes in five colors, including new shades like ‘Wine’ and ‘Copper’.

What do you think of his creative concept? Check it out below, or head to his page to view more images from the project.

From left to right: Silver, Copper, Gold, Wine, Space Gray


Stereo sound

Copper iPhone

Wireless charging

[via Business Insider, images via Yasser Farahi]