28 January 2015

Creative Sea Urchin Shell Planters Make Plants Look Like Gorgeous Jellyfish

Based in Los Angeles, designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang has gotten the brilliant idea to use sea urchin shells as planters for air plants that make them look like ethereal “floating” jellyfish.

Named “PetiteBeast”, this collection of unusual and beautiful planters feature lovely ombre color palettes that have been spray-painted on by the designer—she sells them online, together with ready-to-grow air plants.

Van Hoang has also created a dreamy branding identity for PetiteBeast—which you can view here—so you can be sure that your planter would arrive in a package that looks fabulous—we think that it would be an especially wonderful gift for friends and family.

Scroll down to view more images of these “jellyfish air plants”.

[via This Is Colossal, images via Cathy Van Hoang]