30 January 2015

Chart: Types Of Beer You Should Know

Previously, we featured 78 cocktails for bar people and party monsters.

Now here’s one for the beer lovers.

Beverage distributor Bernick’s has produced a periodic table of beer helping you to track the various types of beer and how they differ from one another.

Scott Oeffling, vice-president of beer at Bernick’s, wrote: “There are countless different types of brews and styles of beer out there, and there is simply no way I could have organized them all into one table. And though much of our beer experience is emphasized on craft beer, we included a variety of domestic, imports, and specialty beers on this table as well. Considering all these, our team based our periodic table off of brews in our region and what information is most widespread throughout the craft and domestic beer industries.”

Click on the following image to find out more.

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Click to view full enlarged version

[via Bernick’s]