30 January 2015

Employees Reveal Secrets Of Working In An Amazon Warehouse

Online retailer giant Amazon holds its massive inventory in more than 50 “fulfilment centers” or warehouses, and hires about 40,000 employees to work in them.

Website Mental Floss recently spoke to some of these employees and unearthed several little-known secrets about working in an Amazon warehouse.

In the article that it wrote based on these interviews, you would be able to get a sense of what goes on in these gigantic buildings. For instance, you may be glad to learn that the conditions are not as bad as had been reported by some sources—one of the interviewees states that “the conditions at the warehouse were on par or better than most other warehouses that [he has] been in”.

You may also be surprised to learn that employees at an Amazon warehouse have to do group exercises twice a night, once at the beginning of the shift and once after lunch.

Read this interesting behind-the-scenes article here.

[via Mental Floss, image via 9Gag]